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Del Mar Advertising lives by a simple oath: Respect the clients and create work that works. Sounds simple, but it takes every one of us here at DMA pulling together and living it every single day.

Strategy, creative executions, art direction and design, viral and social media outreach, media buying, special events – these are just some of the tools we utilize to help our client partners achieve their goals. And by the look of it, we are doing a bang-up job for each and every one of them.

So welcome and feel free peruse our site and work. Then, by all means, let us do for you what we do best. Get your brand noticed.

Del Mar is a full-service marketing and multimedia agency whose goal is to create fresh and innovative design solutions. We leverage our creativity in the form of branding & identity, web development, graphic design, photography, video, and music production — to raise our clients’ awareness and brand loyalty. Our efforts over the last 15 years have produced world-leading results that communicate messages clearly and creatively.

We’re on a mission to exceed all expectations and build long-lasting relationships in which to bring forth productivity and excellence. Our philosophy is unbound – we harness the power of creativity, technology, media and community to help our clients achieve their greatest ambitions in a post-digital, consumer-controlled world. We believe the biggest threat to brands isn’t rejection, but rather indifference, so we set out to make our clients’ brands a productive part of consumer lives and to make spending time with those brands worthwhile.

In short, we’re a talented creative agency with a heart. We love serving others. Let us help you. Come by today and see your problems disappear.


For us, it all starts with a blank page and a conversation with you to find out what goals you want to achieve for your brand. Then we go to work hammering out a detailed strategic plan that involves thinking, market research and plain ol’ gut instinct. The outcome is a detailed strategic plan that includes marketing recommendations and tactics that are based in reality and milestones to see just how we are doing.


The best creativity comes from a solid strategy. We distil your main selling proposition and then we go wild with ideas. Any idea is a good idea – as long as it satisfies the strategy. This freedom allows us develop creative ideas that resonate with the consumer so that they will remember your brand and engage in the buying process.


Even if you have the latest and greatest, if the technology is in inexperienced hands, it’s useless. Our team is experienced. Not only do they understand the technology of today but the technology of tomorrow and beyond. This keeps your brand ahead of the competition. And that’s a great feeling.

Why Us

We're pretty nice people

Just because we’re in business doesn’t mean we have to be mean people. In our minds, if you treat people they way you want to be treated then good things will happen. (We think our moms would agree).

We’re dedicated

Each and every team member wants to be here. They love what they do and their work shows it. So matter if you have a huge or small budget, the work you’ll receive will be stellar.

We treat your money like our own

We treat your business like it was our own. Handling your budget like it was coming out of our own pocket. And we can guarantee that when you come aboard you will feel the difference.

We’re talented

A bold statement, but we are. Every one of our team members has been hand-picked because they are one of the best in their respective field. Think of us as a team of all-stars all working together for one goal: Your success.


Identity and Branding

These are the most important things we do for our clients. Creating an identity starts with smart, strategic thinking and goes across many mediums, like a logo, a print ad, or a website. Your identity helps to enable the consumer to recognize you.

Video Production

A great eye is what we will bring to each and every one of your projects. With decades of experience, our TV production team can handle large, multi-pronged projects to the smallest of shoots. Music scores that enhance your video efforts. All tell a story. All communicate without saying a word.

Web Development

Your digital presence on the Internet and social media channels are more important than ever. So it’s vital to have a staff, like ours, who are not only up-to-date on the latest technology but ahead of the curve.

Media Buying

With over 25 year of media buying and planning experience across all mediums
and markets our buying team continually negotiates the strongest deals and
added value for our clients. Always going the extra mile to insure your campaign works.


More and more, consumers are getting their information about brands from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Our social media team knows the best way to engage, connect and keep the consumer’s attention.

Graphic Design

First impressions are everything. Our team of designers understand this and work hard to ensure your design, whether it’s a logo, print ad, brochure or eblast is thoughtfully designed with your brand in mind.


General Contact

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